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Premier Seafood and Lofoten Viking enters partnership

Premier Seafood is proud to be in partnership with Lofoten Viking

Premier Seafood believe in strong long term partnerships with both our suppliers and our customers.

To have a reliant, stable and financially strong supplier is of outmost importance to us. With our partnership with Lofoten Viking we have exactly such a partner.

The company own factories for production of both pelagic fish and white fish. Round frozen products and a variety of fish fillets are produced from pelagic fish - herring, capelin and mackerel. Stockfish are produced from cod, haddock and saithe, and a small amount of fresh fish is also exported. As well as beeing one of the largest factories of pelagic seafood in Norway, Lofoten Viking is also one of the largest exporters of stockfish (naturaly dried white fish) to the Italian and Nigerian market.